Tuesday, July 17, 2012

GRACEful RAPID Decision Making

I love RACI matrices as a tool, but it always bothered me that governance wasn't covered and that the I for "Inform" was a little weak. Below are two alternatives, once if which I made up without meaning to, the other (far better one) focused on how to make operational decisions and changes.

I wanted to cover "Governance", and change Inform" to "Engage" which has the added bonus of being a meaningful word

  • Govern: Oversight and stage-gate owner. May override decisions or act as impasse breaker.
  • Responsible: Actually performs the activity and recommends preferred option.
  • Accountable: Will be held responsible for the activity being performed, decision making authority
  • Consulted: Opinions consulted in early decision stages, and kept aware of any outcomes
  • Engaged: Made aware of decisions, issues and outcomes throughout project

Bain and Co also have a great model called RAPID that's better suited to operational decisons that setting up project governance:

  • Recommend
    • Making a proposal on a key decision, gathering input, and providing data and analysis to make a sensible choice in a timely fashion
    • Consulting with input providers-hearing and incorporating their views, and winning their buy-in
  • Agree
    • Negotiating a modified proposal with the recommender if they have concerns about the original proposal
    • Escalating unresolved issues to the decider if the "A" and "R" can't resolve differences
    • If necessary, exercising veto power over the recommendation
  • Perform
    • Executing a decision once it's made
    • Seeing that the decision is implemented promptly and effectively
  • Input
    • Providing relevant facts to the recommender that shed light on the proposal'sfeasibility and practical implications
  • Decide
    • Serving as the single point of accountability
    • Bringing the decision to closure by resolving any impasse in the decision-making process
    • Committing the organization to implementing the decision